Terms & Conditions

PAYMENT. Applications must be accompanied with total amount due. Selection of booth locations will be made by Natural Awakenings Twin Cities on the basis of date of receipt of this completed application and payment. There is a full cancelation refund of booth/workshop price prior to September  30, 2018 minus $100 administrative fee. No cancelation refund of any kind will be made after September 30, 2018. Natural Awakenings Twin Cities reserves the right to reject applications of potential exhibitors. Natural Awakenings Twin Cities has the right to photograph exhibits, attendees and exhibitors for future marketing.

CANCELATIONS. If the expo is canceled by Natural Awakenings or The Radisson Hotel for any reason, other than an act of God or an act of war, the amount paid by exhibitor will be refunded.

EXPO HOURS. All exhibits must be set up before the expo opens on Saturday, November 3rd by 9:00 am, and must stay intact during expo hours. Expo management reserves the right to pull tables out of any booth not set up by 9:00 am the day of the expo. Each booth must be staffed during all expo hours. All exhibits must be broken down on Saturday, November 3rd by 5:00 pm. Banners, signs, items on display and anything in assigned space and must stay intact until the expo is over at 4:00 pm. All exhibitors are required to present a show badge for admittance to all show events.

SEMINARS AND SHOW EVENTS. All seminars topics and speakers are decided by the sole discretion of Natural Awakenings Twin Cities. We do not necessarily endorse the views expressed by vendors and presenters nor are we responsible for the products and services offered. We do welcome your ideas and feedback.

EXHIBIT SPACE ASSIGNMENT. Booth location will be assigned by expo management. Expo management reserves the right to relocate booth space which may be affected by the floor plan, or in the interest of optimum traffic control and exhibitor exposure. All exhibits must be set up by 9:00 am on Saturday, November 3, 2018.

EXHIBIT SPACE.  One 8′ table and two chairs will be provided. All items that are not a part of the display must be kept out of sight during the expo. The entire exhibit must be contained within the assigned space.

BOOTH RESTRICTIONS. All banners, signs, etc. must be made of non-flammable material and a certificate must be provided to Expo Management if asked. No open flames are allowed. Subletting and sharing of booths is not allowed unless prior approval is given by Expo management.

Literature, business cards and any other material handed out at your booth must not include the name, phone number, address or any other vital information about any other company besides that represented by your booth, unless that company is exhibiting in the expo. The only exceptions are exhibiting magazines and newspapers. Any literature that represents a company not in the expo will be discarded by Expo management. If the literature continues to be handed out, exhibitor will pay an additional fee equal to the cost of booth space. In addition, said company may be restricted from exhibiting in future Natural Awakenings Twin Cities events.

No literature may be handed out in any other part of the venue – outside the perimeters of your booth – unless it is by another participating company, at their booth, in the expo. Exhibitor must give full disclosure of every type of product or service that will be presented in the booth space, even if it is all listed under the exhibitor’s company name.

RETAIL TAX PERMITS: Retail Sales Tax Permits and Reporting is the sole responsibility of each exhibitor. Please provide a copy of your Retail Sales Permit prior to the event. Temporary permits will be available at the event.

AMPLIFIED SOUND. Amplified sound is not allowed during expo hours unless previous authorization has been given to Expo Management in writing. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of microphones, sound systems and tape players or CD players with speakers. Televisions and computers are allowed within reason and are to be kept at a low level, not amplified. The sound should not be heard outside the perimeter of your booth.

INSURANCE. Exhibitor is solely responsible for any and all occurrences inside his/her booth.

SECURITY. Natural Awakenings Twin Cities and The Radisson Hotel are not liable for lost or stolen items.

ADVERTISING. The expo name may be included in exhibitor advertising; however, expo management must be informed in advance of the content. Natural Awakenings Twin Cities has the right to use your company’s name in advertising in so far as to say that the company is participating and showcasing products or services at the expo.

MARKETING PROGRAM.  Natural Awakenings Twin Cities encourages and supports Exhibitors marketing the expo through current customers, website, and other marketing materials. Special show program will list all sponsors and exhibitors that are registered prior to September 30, 2018 DEADLINE. E-marketing includes broadcast emails, e-newsletters and website.

DRAWINGS and PROMOTIONS. All exhibitor drawings must be free and clear of financial obligation on the part of the winner. All contest terms, conditions, list of prizes and their value must be clearly posted. Expo management reserves the right to cease any drawings which do not meet with the above criteria.

Please check the “I agree” box to indicate that you understand and accept these conditions.

Please contact the publisher with any questions or concerns at:

Candi Broeffle or 763-270-8604