Upper Midwest Hanmi Buddhist Association

Charlotte Steen

BE the Peace, the Joy, the Radiant Health that you seek! Experience today Hanmi Buddhist spiritual healing techniques for body, mind, and spirit (15-30 min sessions); learn a Hanmi Buddhist meditation, and purchase Buddhist items to radiate and support your healing and meditation practice.

Now, through great destiny, there is the opportunity for those in Minnesota and beyond to receive Hanmi Buddhist spiritual healing, and to learn the Chinese Esoteric (Hanmi) Meditation practices. Hanmi Buddhism teaches methods so that the practitioner can, with this very body, become enlightened, attain awakening, and with this very body– while you are still alive–become a Buddha.

Naturally, before one can attain to Buddhahood, one must first attain to Humanhood. That is, one must truly attain to being a real human being who respects all, who forgives all, and who helps all, looking for nothing in return; just like this great earth, which nurtures every life unconditionally.

Before his passing in 2011, Great Master Dechan Jueren empowered many of his disciples to carry on the teachings and to help as many people as possible. Vajracharya Charlotte was formally ordained by Great Master Dechan Jueren in November 2010 at YingTian Temple, China.