Soul Whisperer: Releasing Lost Souls

Annette Rugolo

I believe we are in a profound shift in consciousness on this planet and that we have a wonderful opportunity to expand our awareness of the world we live in with great speed. It is also a time when we can align and express our Soul’s purpose with great joy. To do this, we need powerful, transformational tools to assist us. The tools my company offers have created profound shifts in myself, my family and the many people who I’ve worked with over the last 20 years, both in the US and internationally. Everything I do is designed to support others to step into their hero’s journey with greater ease as well as with a personal energetic shift. Services include Soul Retrieval, Karma Clearing, Environmental Healing, Transformational Products, Classes.

Philosophy of Healing: Physician heal thyself. For me, this means I need to energetically clear my own home before I can clear yours. It means I need to release the blocks and low vibrational energy within myself before I can help you release yours. Doing my own work first provides me with a clearer and more expanded vision when I help you step more fully into your story and your life.