Optimal Wellness Solutions

2565 Hamline Ave N, Unit A, Roseville

We offer a well-rounded menu of holistic, healing practices designed to support mind, body and spirit. This support is provided through therapeutic services, nutritional consultation, and education designed to relieve stress and pain, transform trauma, detoxify the body and promote life-long health.  The center’s multidisciplinary approach includes Massage & Craniosacral Therapy, Nutritional Therapy, Network Spinal Analysis, Ionic Detoxification Footbaths, Reiki, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Health Coaching and several additional therapies.

Every service, product and class offered at Optimal Wellness is created and offered with a specific philosophy in mind.  A deep knowing that the body has an amazing capacity for healing and repair when given the proper tools: a whole food diet, ways to manage stress, adequate sleep and hydration, movement, and a means to detoxify. A warm, welcoming atmosphere, kind, supportive practitioners, and amazing clients creates a community of hope and healing that empowers individuals to lead vibrant, healthy lives.