Dan Stocke
(218) 343-6743
311 East Superior St. #905, Duluth, MN 55802
www. BuzzFrenzy.com

Buzz Frenzy LOVES small businesses. Our entire team shares the entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic that goes into building a successful business, particularly one that impacts people right where they live, work or play. Dan Stocke and his Buzz Frenzy team members have founded and operated multiple successful small businesses. We understand the challenges of working for yourself all too well.

“Small business operators run sales, HR, IT, marketing, maintenance, and much more – sometimes all of that before noon,” Dan will tell you. “Time is scarce for small businesses, so we are committed to helping small businesses simplify marketing, which is a time-sapping, make-or-break task.”

Marketing can seem complicated, confusing and too expensive. Buzz Frenzy, however, allows a business owner to easily and economically tap into world-class, high-octane digital marketing. We help the business reach customers right where they are, tapping the effectiveness and deep connections possible via social media. Buzz Frenzy has added power to the hashtag (yes the #). For a set monthly budget (as little as $50 a month) a business posts to Facebook like normal and adds their chosen hashtag, aka #Buzztag. Buzz Frenzy then continually scans Facebook, finds their #Buzztag, and boosts their post through powerful audience targeting.

It’s so simple and powerful, you’ll think it’s almost magic. We look forward to creating a buzz for your business.