SILVER SPONSOR – Awakened Living

3601 Minnesota Dr, #825, Bloomington

Awakened Living is an integrative clinic that immerses you in your healing potential and personal growth through a network of natural therapies designed specifically for you. With over 30 services including Acupuncture, Intra-Personal Guided Imagery Therapy, Life and Spiritual Coaching, Cupping, Face Reading, Biomat and a Far Infrared Sauna we provide a host of opportunities to create a healing and wellness plan that fits your needs, goals, desires and time.

We also offer quality products that can help facilitate physical, mental, and emotional change. From Apex Energetics with its top of the line bioavailable supplementation which can help shift into or create an optimal physical environment for healing, to Floracopeia Essential Oils and Flower Essences which can elevate and move emotions and mental states for your highest good, and more.

It is our personal mission to help you attain a state of being for yourself you have not yet imagined, in all areas of your life. Beyond our services and products, we also provide many opportunities through programs and classes that will engage you in personal growth via physical, mental, emotional and spiritual means. We are here to meet you where you are. and assist you in creating a joyful experience of growth and healing.